About Us


Skolafund is web platform for students, especially the ones in need, to crowdfund their scholarships for higher education. Our mission is to make higher education affordable and accessible to those who qualify. We believe that no one should be deprived of quality education just because they cannot afford it.

Skolafund first went online in April 2015 with an Alpha Website. The Alpha lasted till August 2015. Throughout this four months, our platform raised near RM 25,000 for 6 students, funded by 125 members of the community. Seeing the strong support and encouragement, we decided to enhance the website further, to make it more user-friendly, with an infrastructure that would be able to support more scholarship campaigns. Hence, this Beta version.

We have a big vision. We aspire to be the biggest higher education financing platform in Asia by providing better alternatives for students to finance their higher education. Crowdfunding is just the first step for us. We have big plans. Moving forward, we aim to introduce more solutions for students to benefit from to fund their higher education. To make this happen, we hope to get your continuous support.

We aim to give all undergraduates a fair chance to attain higher education by giving them access to various sources of funding available out there.

The Team

skolafund team

(From the right: Wildan Zulfikar, Syakir Hashim, Tengku Syamil and Faruq Rasid)

Skolafund team is currently made up of four passionate members. All of them are currently still undergraduates in their respective university.

Tengku Syamil, 24, is currently a third year Business Admin student at International Islamic University Malaysia. Syamil handles marketing, scholarship campaigns, and user relations.

Syakir Hashim, 23, is pursuing Global Studies at National University of Singapore. Syakir deals with corporate partnerships, fundraising, and development.

Wildan Zulfikar, 21, majors in Information System at International Islamic University Malaysia. He takes charge of the front-end development of our platform, kills bugs and ensures the site is alive and healthy for users.

Faruq Rasid, 24, studies Computer Engineering at National University of Singapore. He is the one that designed and developed Skolafund’s back-end technology to ensure our platform is stable, secure and ready for future feature implementations.

The team is dedicated to make Skolafund a platform for students to finance their education. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and opportunities to extend our impact. Do support us and follow our startup journey as we attempt to make higher education affordable and accessible to more students!