A young lady who is always positive and enthusiastic in her journey to achieve her ambition as a food bio-technologist. "Believe you can and you are halfway there"


I’m 22 years old, from Shah Alam. a 3rd year Biotechnology student from IIUM. I aspire to be food biotechnologist. I am starting this campaign to raise fund for my exchange study to Turkey next year


Why are you fundraising your scholarship?

I am raising funds to support my exchange study to Turkey next year under the Mevlana Exchange Program (MEP). 

    My mom is a sole-breadwinner for me and my 3 siblings. My late father passed away when I was 8. My mom works as a supervisor at a private company and currently, she is not financially capable to cover the total expenditures for my exchange study because my mom also needs to support my brother who studies in a private university and my younger sisters who are still in secondary schools.

    This exchange programme is credited in aiming the exchange students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries (Source: http://bit.ly/yokmep). I will be going to Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey for 5 months starting from 05.02.18 until 29.06.18. I will be staying at a shared-apartment at Isparta City together with 3 friends of mine who are also an MEP participants at the same university. We decided to rent an apartment because the cost of rent is cheaper when staying off-campus than renting a hostel/guesthouse on-campus.

    Being able to attend this program is really important to me for many reasons. For one, I expect to enrich my experience in seeking knowledge. I look forward to being able to speak Turkish fluently by being in the Turkish environment itself. When I come back to Malaysia,  I can even offer a Turkish language class for my friends. During the previous semester break, I joined a Turkish language class for a month that was held by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü - Kuala Lumpur Turkish Cultural Centre at Menara MBF. This class is free for any exchange student that will be going to Turkey and is also open to the public with affordable fees for those who are interested to join. (More info- http://bit.ly/yunusembre)

    Secondly, I have always been eager to challenge my adaptability in another environment, which means getting out of my comfort zone and I also want to experience the different cultures, education system and how living in another country is. To my knowledge, there are very few Malaysians in Isparta. I plan to mingle with the Turkish people and hope that it will make it easier for me to master the Turkish language since the majority of them cannot speak English.

    This exchange study opportunity really means a lot to me as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being the first child in my family to get a chance to join an exchange study and even the first among my relatives is something really valuable and I hope to be a role model to my siblings, relatives and also my juniors. When I am back to Malaysia, I look forward to sharing my experience with other students and guide them if they get a chance for another exchange study to Turkey later.

    My mom was really happy when she knows that my application was successful. When I first applied for the program, I told her not to put so much hope that I will be accepted to the program because it is highly competitive and the results sometimes depend on our luck. Now, my dream to study abroad is halfway to become real, so by hook or by crook, I must make sure this sponsorship is a success because for me “Nothing worth having will come easy”.

    Lastly, by joining this programme with the help of crowdfunding sponsorship from Skolafund, I hope I can depart to Turkey without making my mom worried about the financial struggle while I will be there so that she can focus to ‘send’ me prayer for my safety and success, instead of sending money because as the saying goes "the mother's prayer is always a blessed prayer".

More info about Mevlana Exchange Program: http://bit.ly/mevlanaexchange

How much are you raising and what are they for?

I am only partially raising MYR 5710 for my trip based on the expenses below:

    i) Accommodation: RM 350/month, MYR 1,750/the whole semester

    ii) Transport Coming Back(Flight ISE-IST-IKA-KUL): MYR 2,460

    iii) Food: MYR 1,500 (RM 10 / day, RM 300 /month)

I am short in RM 5710 for this program so I am hoping for your generous contribution to make this opportunity a reality. 

The breakdown of each of the above expense and the total cost of the whole program is as follows:

1. Flight tickets (include add-on luggage, this is the cheapest flight ticket that I have surveyed)

                                KUL- IKA: MYR 1,150

                                IKA- IST: MYR 564

                                IST- ISE: MYR 150

                                Total: MYR 1,864

ii) ISPARTA- KUALA LUMPUR (29.06.18)

                                ISE- IST: MYR 150

                                IST-IKA: MYR 750

                                IKA- KUL: MYR 1,560

                                Total: MYR 2,460

                    Total return flight cost: MYR 4,324

2. Accommodation (Apartment)

So far, I asked my friend that is studying there to survey the cheapest apartment. The approximation is MYR350/months x 5month.

                    Total of MYR 1,750

3. Food Expense (not including groceries).

                   MYR 10/day, MYR 300/month.

                   Total of MYR 1,500

Total costs for flight ticket, accommodation, and food expense: MYR 7,574

Other expenses for the program that I am using my own money are:

i) Academic expenses: MYR 500

ii) Residence Permit, Travel and Health Insurance: MYR 2000 (approximate)

iii) Groceries: MYR 1,000

iv) Other Personal Expenses / Contingency: MYR 2000

Total of MYR 5,500

Other financial sources:

i)Personal Savings: MYR 2,000

ii)Part-time Salary: MYR 2,000

iii)Mom’s support: MYR 1,000

iv)Mevlana’s Financial Support: MYR3,600

Total other financial sources: MYR 8600


What are your aspirations?

My aspiration is I hope that one day I can widen the research on modified milk. One of the reasons is because I see many Malaysians do not like to drink milk, maybe due to its taste or because some of them having lactose intolerance. I hope my research on modified milk would give benefit to the society and country in terms of increasing the number of people who drink milk.

Norman Borlaug is a big inspiration for me in the food biotechnology industry especially in genetically modified food (GMF). His contribution has saved over a billion people from starvation. If God wills, I want to pursue in Master's degree and Ph.D. to make sure that my dream will come true. Not to forget, I want to lessen my mom’s burden and bring happiness to her life by becoming a successful food biotechnologist. 

List your extra-curricular activities.

[Centre for foundation studies IIUM (2013-2015)]

1. Ta’aruf programme 2014/2015- Examination Committee

2. Study Circle Semester 3 2013/2014 – Facilitator

3. Study Circle Semester 1 2014/2015 – Facilitator

4. Study Circle Semester 3 2014/2015 – Facilitator

5. ENGENIUS(club for engineering student)- Secretary



Interbatch Game - Tennis Participant(3rd place)


-Ta’aruf Programme 2016/2017 – Asst. Head of Security and transport

- IIUM Kuantan Open Day( IKOD) - Treasurer

- Bazocar Souq – Special Task Committee

- HOPE - Special Task Committee

- Sciencess Premier League - Catering Committee

- Sponsorship Workshop- Participant

- Adobe Photoshop Workshop- Participant


- Ta’aruf Programme 2017/2018 – Asst. Head of Security and transport

-Movie Night-Secretary

- Maybank Go Ahead Challenge Campus Level - Participant

[OUTSIDE CAMPUS] - Volunteer Basis


-Dakwah Mission by Muslim Care Malaysia at Ranau, Sabah- Volunteer

-Flood Mission by Muslim Care Malaysia and Stand Up Flashmob - Volunteer


-Da'wah Mission by Muslim Care Malaysia at Pulau Banggi, Sabah - Volunteer

- Humanitarian mission with special kids by Muslim Care Malaysia at Terengganu- Volunteer

-Da'wah and Humanitarian Mission by Muslim Care Malaysia at Pulau Perhentian- Volunteer


-Humanitarian Mission by Misi7 at Acheh, Indonesia – Volunteer

- Flood Mission by MyCare Pahang - Volunteer

List notable achievements you've attained.


Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah(UPSR)- 3A 2B

Penilaian Sekolah Rendah Agama(PSRA)- Mumtaz



Penilaian Menengah Rendah(PMR)- 9A 


Sijil Menengah Agama(SMA) – Mumtaz(90.2%)



Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( 6A, 5B+)


Foundation CFS IIUM - CGPA 2.805


Bachelor in Biotechnology- current CGPA- 3.135



List your education history.


Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Ma’arif(SMAAM), Felda Bukit Goh Kuantan Pahang



Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi Sultan Hisamuddin (SAMTSH) Kampung Jawa Klang Selangor



Centre for Foundation Studies(CFS)- Petaling Jaya Selangor( Physical Science)



International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan Campus Pahang ( Bachelor in Biotechnology)


Do you have any work experience?

After SPM, I worked as a clerk for 2 months. During my semester break, I worked as a promoter at a clothing shop in Shah Alam. During the Mood Republic event in Pahang in 2016, I worked as a promoter. 

Did you receive PTPTN/Any Scholarships/Zakat? If yes, how much and for which semester(s)? If you did not receive PTPTN, please explain why.

I did not apply for PTPTN because my mom did not want PTPTN to burden me later as she knows that I am an average person in academic plus my brother is already in debt with PTPTN and MARA loans. 

Fortunately, I have received sponsorship from Yayasan Manan Amir but it only covers the cost of my tuition fees. My mom also took out her KWSP's money in advanced to pay for my tuition fees under ‘Pengeluaran Pendidikan’.

In spite of that, every year I always apply for one-off financial support.

For this year, I only applied for:

i) Hadiah Anak Masuk Universiti Selangor- got rejected because of household income.

ii) Dermasiswa MUIP- got rejected because of my address at Selangor even though I was born at Pahang,  p/s: last year I receive this sponsorship

iii) Zakat Assistant IIUMK – pending