1. What is Skolafund?
Skolafund is a crowdfunding platform which matches deserving underprivileged undergrads with funders. To put it simply, we are like the Kickstarter for University Education.

2. Who is behind Skolafund?
Skolafund is run by a team of four undergraduates. Tengku Ahmad Syamil and Wildan Zulfikar are students at International Islamic University Malaysia and Muhammad Syakir and Faruq Rasid are currently studying at National University of Singapore.

3. Does Skolafund charge for this service?
To keep the platform alive and to be able to grow to impact more students, Skolafund needs to be able to generate its own revenue. Since we have not been able to secure substantial funds to explore other ways to make revenue, we need to charge a fee. However, this fee will only be incurred when Skolafund delivers actual value to the community - that is, when a student successful gets a scholarship on Skolafund. We charge an 8% fee to successful scholarship campaigns. This small fee that we receive will help us to cover operational costs and to come up with improvements for Skolafund.

4. How can I know if Skolafund is legit and is not a scam?
As of today, we are just a group of students who are trying to make a difference in the lives of our peers that are in-need. It is largely based on trust at this point and we agree, trust is a rare commodity so we are doing our best to acquire it. We are working hard at this point to get partnership with relevant authorities, organisations and schools.

5. Who can start a campaign?
Any post-SPM/secondary student who are willing and able to start and promote their campaign to the community are welcome to start a campaign on Skolafund. Students with good performance and/or real need would naturally stand a higher chance of getting fully sponsored. However, anyone from any country can sponsor/donate!

6. How much can one raise?
Students have the liberty to determine the amount they need to raise. They will need to declare how much are needed to pay fees and how much will be used for stipends. However, a heads up for campaigners: the larger the amount requested, the tougher it is to raise (you only have 30 days to raise 100%, otherwise your scholarship campaign will be deemed unsuccessful). We advise campaigners to prioritise their school fees.

7. What happens if a campaign is not fully funded after 30 days?
Students will set the amount they need to raise at the beginning of a campaign. If the campaign does not meet this target, all of the money will be refunded to the respective sponsors. So, take ownership of your campaign and do best to convince others to sponsor you a scholarship!

8. How long is one student campaign?
As of now, a student campaign runs for 30 days after campaign approval by Skolafund Admin. This is not inclusive of the days students sign up and fill in their campaign details.

9. Is this only for Malaysians?
No, it is open to non-malaysians as well. However, if you are not studying in Malaysia, we require you to submit an email to us at [email protected].

10. Do I need to pay when I sign up?
No, signing up is totally free. You only part with your money when you wish to support a student.

11. How to ensure the students won’t abuse the money?
Students will need to declare the amount they are raising for fees and stipends and this will be reflected on their campaign page. The amount raised for fees will be given directly to the school (we will be partnering with universities). Only stipends will be given to the students. We have plans to disburse the stipends part-by-part on monthly basis in the future.

12. What is in it for me to sponsor?
During this first stage of Skolafund, there is nothing physical in return for the sponsors. What you are doing by giving is that you’re investing in the future – a high potential graduate, a chance to break out of poverty for the student, a better future community and a better life-after-death (if you believe in it). You get these intangible benefits and innate satisfaction - which some value more than physical returns - when you give.

13. What is the minimum amount to sponsor?
Any amount above RM 1 is acceptable!

14. What can I do if I don’t have money to sponsor and don’t need money to start a campaign?
You can support existing campaigns by sharing them on your social media pages so they can reach others that might be interested to support!

15. How do we know that the students are real? Will Skolafund verify each of them?
Yup, we will verify each student. They will need to virtually submit their offer/acceptance letter and a copy of their Matriculation Card. We also request students to provide parents' income statement and two referees. We are working right now to get partnerships with universities to enhance our verification process further!

16. I have a company and I want to create my scholarship. Is it possible?
Yup. Please complete our Create Scholarship form and we will respond to you soon.